Ben Gummer Fund Raising Dinner with Sir John Major

Me with Sir John Major at Ben Gummer Fudnrasier

Yesterday I got back from the CCA conference just in time to get home, change and leave for a fund raising dinner in Ipswich for Ben Gummer’s excellent campaign to become the next Conservative MP for Ipswich in a few weeks time. As I rushed through the house I was reminded that my penance for the two days away was to spend Sunday in the garden of the cottage we are renovating, tackling the jungle that is the garden so I was looking forward to that, not!

At the Dinner I had the honour to sit at the top table with Ben, Sophie Stanbrook his campaign co-ordinator, Paul West The Ipswich Association Chairman, Michael Irvin who was the last Conservative MP for Ipswich and Sir John Major KGE how as guest of honour. Sir John was a delightful dinner guest and put everyone at they ease, he was accompanied by Mrs. Arabella Warburton one of his special advisors from his days as Prime Minister, who sat beside me and it was fascinating talking to her about the conservative party and its changes over the years.

Sir John Major gave a speech to a packed room which reminded me of my earlier thoughts about key messages from the CCA Conference, he spoke with clarity and passion about the last thirteen years of this failed Labour Government; he spoke with passion a bout Tony Blair’s decision to got o war in Iraq and the quite false and incorrect linking of this to the 911 bombings and his distaste for Gordon Brown braking of a long standing protocol of not using visits to the Troops as electioneering positioning, when young men and women are fighting and dying for this country. Sir John finished by saying that it’s not the first time that Labour had come to power with the coffers filling up and leaves office with the coffers empty – How True is that!

Ben Gummer then gave a really good speech in which we spoke about the long history of Conservative representation in Ipswich and the need for Ipswich to return a Conservative to Parliament to better represent them. Ben also talked about how much he enjoyed meeting residents and the some of the funny storey he has gathered on his travels.

Ben really understands the issues that make Ipswich tick and his hard work campaigning across the town is starting to be mentioned whenever I go to a community centre or older people housing scheme; he is campaigning hard for Ipswich and I truly hope he gets elected, he will make an excellent MP and will work for the people of Ipswich in Westminster unlike Chris Mole who seems to me has just used it as a means to an end to get elected and spend his time in Westminster, occasionally remembering the people who put him there with the odd flying visit.

A great night and I certainly will be going to support Ben and Peter Aldous in Waveney as much as I can during the campaign to bet them elected.

As Ben said both Ipswich and Waveney are right on the tipping point to of a conservative overall majority, so wherever you are on the evening of the election day listen in to the results in Ipswich and Waveney and if we win these seats we have a conservative government that can start to sort the problems that 13 years of Labour have caused use and get the country going again.

Jst think wouldn’t it be great to if you would like to join me in supporting both campaigns just reply with your email address or your contact number and I’ll make sure you get the full details when you could go along to help, please do.

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I'm a Conservative politician-lite, I dabble a bit in Party Politics with my main focus of working hard and being a strong voice for my community making sure local government delivers quality services and fellow residents get value for money for their hard earned money they pay in Council tax | Where this Gravatar appears and I am expressing my views or liking something I do so in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Suffolk County Council, Forest Heath District Council, the Conservative Party or come to think of it anyone else | But having said the above at an election time and to stay legal, anything I write is promoted by Lance Stanbury on behalf of Colin Noble, both at West Suffolk Conservative Association, Park Farm Cottage, Fordham St. Genevieve, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6TS

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