From Big Government to Big Society

Today I went to the very posh new Go East offices in Cambridge to listen to Whitehall bods talking about the equally grand sounding ‘The development and implementation of decentralised from the prospective of Local Government in the East of England’ and what some of us in Local Government think about their plans. The is was arranged by the East of England Local Government Association the new organisation that is our collective voice for the region, effectively and quite rightly that replaces, with a little ‘r’ as it will cost far less to deliver than the very undemocratic East of England Regional Assembly (EERA), just as the new LEPS replaces, with a little ‘r’  as again it will cost far less to deliver than the very grand East of England Development Agency .

I campaigned for it, I voted for it, but sometimes it surprises me at the sheer pace of change, but then sometimes when you need to save money you simply stop doing something!

Basically the meeting was a quick insight into the Whitehall systemised approach to move the way we govern this country from Big Government to Big Society and they had a very nice presentation and graph to show how we all do it, simples yes?

In the pack of papers preceding the event was a summary of Suffolk’s approach with the New Strategic Direction and it was very useful to help others who attended to deal with the preconceptions of what we are proposing, i.e. its not simply a exercise in outsourcing, it is in fact something far more ambitious, far more complex than that; and we spent the second half of the afternoon in workshop format grappling with the second half of the session addressing some of the more difficult aspects of how we go about implement it.

All in all a very worth while afternoon.

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I'm a Conservative politician-lite, I dabble a bit in Party Politics with my main focus of working hard and being a strong voice for my community making sure local government delivers quality services and fellow residents get value for money for their hard earned money they pay in Council tax | Where this Gravatar appears and I am expressing my views or liking something I do so in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Suffolk County Council, Forest Heath District Council, the Conservative Party or come to think of it anyone else | But having said the above at an election time and to stay legal anything I write is promoted by Lance Stanbury on behalf of Colin Noble, both at West Suffolk Conservative Association, Unit 8, Swan Lane Business Park, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7FN

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