Independance Day

Today I went along to hear Andrew Dilnot give his first major speech to the Care sector since publishing his report yesterday. He opened with ‘the Current system in nuts’, as a Councillor with responsibility for it, I wholeheartedly agree, What he proposes is quite something and nothing short of the most radical body of work I have ever seen in Local Government and social care. And like many whilst I wholeheartedly agree with his proposals I have asked officers to start to cost it and the figures are big.

We need limited liability, we need clear messaging, we need clarity in the system so people can plan for their futures, but above all we need money with which to create the system proposed, now if only the Health and Wellbeing boards can shift money around the system then we could afford to pay for itThe excellent conference was closed by a conversation with Stephen Dorrell the very influential Chairman of the Commons Health Select committee and

After the meeting I was introduced to him, by his Assistant Clare Whelan who I have know for many years and I mentioned that if we can get the money in the system working better, proactively preventing people from illness rather than the reactive patch and repair system we have now and if we could get the over 80’s, who linger in unbelievably expensive inappropriate to their care and recovery needs, hospital wards, out into a far better setting for their recovery then we would save enough monies to pay for all of the Dilnot proposal.

I suspect this is going to be quite a subject over the coming months and I hope in some small way to add to the debate, the Conference was called Independence Day for older people and if we are to see true independence in our old age then  this needs to be the beginning of the end of a system that denies us that.

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