Not another meeting

Yesterday I chaired my first Regional network meeting since becoming Regional Chairman for the, wait for this,… East of England Local Government Association Lead Members for Adult Services and Health Network Meeting, now there’s a title! 

Between the members present we are politically responsible for well over a billion pounds of spending on Adult Social Services and lead players in the success or failure of the Health and Well being Boards that are emerging and so, much of the afternoon was taken up with sharing as to how our respective Boards were shaping up and in discussion with Karen Livingstone (NHS East of England) about the changing interface with Health Services these were bringing about.

The rest of the afternoon was spent discussion the financial implications of the Dilnot proposals and I and my officers presented our spreadsheet work on what it would financially mean forSuffolk.

 We also discussed the forthcoming Adult and Children’s Social Services Conference at Excel and what we are looking to achieve at the Conference.

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