From Greek Farce to Greek Tragedy now we are watching the Italian Job!

Currently in the morning on BBC there is a Children’s History educational video screening covering the post First World War and pre Second World War period in Germany and their economic ups and downs and the rise of German National Socialism and its horrific leadership. History is always great, as we know the end game and we can analysis how our predecessors arrived at a particular point or disaster.

It struck me that as we watch the news unfold as to the problems with the Euro are we watching a economic meltdown, there are momentous events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and how that brought about good which are clear to see and understand.

What is happening now is a series of events, of course in the modern world these are being played out in a matter of weeks and months whereas the economic meltdown in 20 and 30’s took 10 years to transpire and for a darker atmosphere to emerge.

I also wonder if in this country many of us watch all this in the false believe that it’s over there and does not effect us, an attitude I think was prevalent in the 1930’s and one that certainly is as untrue now as it was then. As uncomfortable as it is for many of us, the problems Europe face as much ours as theirs and whilst nowadays, hopefully we are talking economics, that is a lesson from our history we should learn.

Europe needs great Leadership at this time on both sides of the English Channel.

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