Lakenheath Village Care Home – set to close

Last Thursday I attended a meeting for residents, family and friends at Lakenheath Village Home following on from a previous meeting where the Trustees of the Home had announced that they had taken the decision to close.

I was as surprised as anyone, as I was not invited to the meeting and the first I heard of it was later than night when my inbox started to fill with email from concerned family and friends about what was going on, what to do and how I could help.

I immediately called the Chairman of the Trustees and we agreed to meet to discuss their decision and what I could do to help, It’s not the role of the County Council to take over a care home but it is the role to make sure everyone in the home is safe, informed and supported as they and their families make difficult choices about what to do next.

I had a constructive meeting on Friday with the Trustees to understand what is going on. Essentially, and I know it’s really difficult to take in, but the home has come to the point where the changing rules and regulations do not allow a home of its size to be viable any more. I was really pleased how focused the Trustees were on those who live in the home and their future care needs accordingly it was agreed to hold last Thursday meeting.

About 30 people attended the meeting and all week I followed and posted on the Facebook page (with over 800 likes) that had been set up to discuss the news.


Well worth having a look at what people have been saying.

At the meeting I was able to be bring along social workers to make the personal contact for people so they are supported in the choices they have to make. A sad day but I know from the discussions we had in the run up to the transfer decision for Suffolk’s last remaining care homes that such small homes are un-sustainable. Hopefully at the end of the two hours we spend discussing matters people left with a clearer sense of the thinking of the Trustees decision to close and what options they had before them for their loved ones.

The meeting was rightly private as they are quite sensitive about those directly involved. But people there did ask me to arrange a public meeting so the whole community could understand why such a well-loved community facility was closing, which I am arranging and will post on my blog when it’s happening.

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One Response to Lakenheath Village Care Home – set to close

  1. Stewart McGill says:

    The home had a lot of issues, Radcliffe said they had adequate staffing levels, this was not always so, one morning residents had breakfast at 11am, kitchen staff would not change meals to meet the needs of residents, hot food was not available after lunchtime. The home had been reported to the council and the CQC. Cliques had formed among the staff. One group deciding

    the home would be run the way they wanted regardless of the needs of the residents or the concerns of the family. Some staff did not know names only room numbers. Clothes especially towels handed out randomly despite name tags. Our experience was that we were never offered information or consulted about healthcare. A serious fall was never recorded, the broken bone never healed.
    I have read an number of articles/blogs about the home, it is closing because of the way it was run more than about rules and regulations, which seem to be being used as cover.

    We were so concerned about the deterioration of my Mother’s health and the seeming unwillingness of the Home to make appropriate changes to her diet, we contacted the CQC. They were aware of the overall issues and were not surprised at the specifics we described. An Adult Protection Order was placed on my Mother and a lady from the council visited to check out my Mother and the home in general. She was shocked at 2 things: she asked a young lady working there the name of the lady whose room she was standing outside, the lady said she did not know, she just went by the room numbers; the attending District Nurse asked a Senior Carer to do something, the Carer flatly refused saying that was not her responsibility nor was she paid enough to do that.

    There were major problems in this place re the breakdown of management and rank insubordination amongst some members of staff. There were a range of other issues that would have almost certainly prevented the Home from passing any sort of CQC Test.

    We fully understand the worries of relatives who now have to find new homes especially for those in a fragile state of health because we were in that situation.
    There were some very good carers there and the new management team did really try to make things better, I feel sorry for them and the people living there. However, there are many reasons behind the closure of this place beyond a response to new regulations. Just to put the record straight.

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