A moment in time or just another day

Stayed up last night to watch the event unfold in Scotland, so many hashtags difficult to keep up with the various twitter feeds but they made for interesting commentary running alongside the more traditional BBC, ITV and Sky election marathons, thought the BBC won hands down! As always Andrew Marr and Nick Robinson were insightful.

The really starling thing to me was the turn out, particularly when you think a general election only usual managing to head towards 70% and the local elections….well let’s not go there. Who says politics can’t engage.

Of course the unanswered question was the third question which did not make it to the ballot paper, I suspect for perfectly reasonable clarity sake to draw a line under the fundamental question of staying in the union or forming an actual country. Had it been asked would most of those who voted NO had put a cross in that box, to stay in but for significantly increased devolution, I think so and that to me is the real challenge to Westminster. This of course can be countered in part with the ill-fated regional argument that gave Prescott such a bloody nose in the North-West not so long ago, so there is something about identity wrapped up in this as well. The Scottish may well see themselves as Scottish but I don’t thing I have ever heard anyone refer to themselves as being East Anglian.

Of course the various leader’s words have been carefully drafted one way or the other over the past week but it certainly lays a challenge to Westminster which I think was reflected in the emails/tweets/Facebook post/press conference words issued by David Cameron.

So perhaps the question is not so much will there be a re-framing of the relationship of the union and Westminster but in what form and how quickly, for Westminster to brush this level of voting aside would be a mistake.

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I'm a Conservative politician-lite, I dabble a bit in Party Politics with my main focus of working hard and being a strong voice for my community making sure local government delivers quality services and fellow residents get value for money for their hard earned money they pay in Council tax | Where this Gravatar appears and I am expressing my views or liking something I do so in a personal capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Suffolk County Council, Forest Heath District Council, the Conservative Party or come to think of it anyone else | But having said the above at an election time and to stay legal anything I write is promoted by Lance Stanbury on behalf of Colin Noble, both at West Suffolk Conservative Association, Unit 8, Swan Lane Business Park, Exning, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7FN

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