Finally the A11 opening!


Matthew Hancock MP opening the new A11 Dual underpass and thanking Cllr. Guy McGregor for making that element happen

Matthew Hancock MP opening the new A11 Dual underpass and thanking Cllr. Guy McGregor for making that element happen

Last Friday week I travelled a few miles on the back roads to one of Lisa and my favourite café and shops for a quite historic morning. As I cross the bridge over the A11 from Brandon to Elveden I briefly looked down onto the new dual carriageway and for the first time the cones were cleared and the traffic was using the new Dual Carriageway.

The day started early with a business breakfast where Liz Truss MP and members of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce all talked about the economics benefits to Thetford and beyond and as I listened to the speeches, it struck me it was just as beneficial to West Suffolk and how FHDC are working with Brandon businesses to make sure we get the maximum benefit from this investment too!

Next we drove to the Elveden Inn where later in the morning there was the official opening speeches as the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLaughlin officially opened the road. It all looked splendid on the telly later in the day but the actual ceremony was slightly surreal as the Highways Agency used a lorry on which the VIPs stood and spoke and the rest of us, due the rain were huddled in a tent where you sort of had to, bend the knees, to see the faces of those speaking.

Later the more local of us boarded a bus to go and see the bridleway underpass that Suffolk County Council paid £350,000 for the building of and as Matthew Hancock MP officially opened it he paid tribute to Cllr. Guy McGregor the former Suffolk Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport who was instrumental in the fudging be made available before the underpass to be constructed.

Speaking of those instrumental in making the dualling happen, the picture shows Matthew Hancock opening the new bridleway underpass of the new road and thanking Cllr. Guy McGregor who when he was Suffolk County Council Cabinet Member for Transport battled for the funding to make it happen as a part of the scheme. The only other key person who could not be there on the day was Lord Risby of Haverhill, Richard Spring MP that was and Matt’s predecessor, but Matt thoughtfully retold one of Richard’s storys about the road, that its dualling was in his maiden Speech in the House of Commons and after 17 years of hard campaigning on his part, was given the green light 3 months after he retired! Having worked with Richard over many years firstly as his Association Deputy Chairman Political and later as his Chairman and then when I was in the cabinet of Suffolk County Council I recall that hard work and he should be proud of the part he played in this magnificence new road that will make such a difference to our part of the world.

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