We Are Listening event

On Wednesday I attended Suffolk County Council’s latest We Are Listening event is the picturesque market town of Halesworth and for a couple of hours, Cllr. Tony Goldson, who represents the town and surrounding area on Suffolk County Council, Council Officers and I, chatted to shoppers and resident about their issues and how they view the services provided by the County Council.  I started these events three years ago, and they have grown and formed part of how Suffolk County Council looks to engage.  It is only a small part but its essential for Councillors from across the parties and for Officers who come along, to hear first hand what people think.


The event came just a couple of days before a challenge for control of the Conservative group and ultimate who leads Suffolk County Council, which I and my supporters lost.

Comms Officer:  I hope you win on Friday.

Me: Why?

Comms Officer: Well we’ve just had some leaflets with your headshot and name printed.

Me: How many?

Comms Officer: 80

Me: 80,000? such faith!

Comms Officer: no, 80!

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