A few words about me

Always time to stop and a chat with Residents about the things that concern them

Hi I’m Colin Noble and this is my blog.

I am the County Councillor for the Row Heath Division on Suffolk County Council and serving District Councillor for Lakenheath alongside my fellow Councillor Louise Marston on Forest Heath District Council.

I was first elected to Suffolk County Council in 2006 for the Row Heath Division being the villages of Lakenheath, Beck Row, Holywell Row, West Row, Eriswell, Gazeley, Highham, Icklingham, Isleham Marina, Kenny Hill, Sedge Fen, Thistley Green, Tuddenham St. Mary and Undley. I was delighted to be elected to Forest Heath District Council for the Lakenheath Ward in May 2011. In May 2009, 2013 and 2017 I was re-elected to the County Council and in May 2015 I was re-elected to the District Council.

In July 2013 I had the honour to be elected to the Conservative National Executive of the Local Government Association (LGA) as an Executive Member, two years ago I stood for the County Council Representative’s seat and won.  The following year I was re-elected in that position, unopposed.  Last year I was really chuffed to be ‘re-elected’ to the Executive an ‘At Large’ Executive Member.

From May 2015 to May 2018 I have had the privilege to be the Leader of Suffolk County Council as well as the Vice-Chairman of Forest Heath District Council’s Performance and Audit Scrutiny Committee.

At the national level from July 2016 to May 2018, I was the Health and Social Care Spokesperson for the County Council Network and was for a couple of years the LGA’s Regional Conservative Peer. last year switch roles to return to the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board.

Recently I have been elected to the Board of the Conservative Councillors Associations which represent all Conservative Councillors across the county.

In my time I’ve been the Cabinet Member for Finance and Property at Suffolk County Council and did a previous stint on the LGA’s Community and Wellbeing Board.  Previously to that I was the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Care and what seems a fair while ago now I was Chairman of the Conservative Group and Chairman of the Adult and Community Scrutiny Committee at Suffolk County Council.

I have had a really interesting time representing residents and helping them with issues that effect their lives and our communities.  I also have enjoyed getting to know the very complex thing that is a Council both County and District and hopefully in some small way I help to influence both to better serve the people of Suffolk.

Discussing the issues of the day with Community groups is a big part of what I enjoy doing

Discussing the issues of the day with Community groups is a big part of what I enjoy doing

I passionately believe in small government and keeping Council tax rises as low as possible. and am delighted that at the County our strong and effective management of the Council delivered 7 years of no County Council Tax increases, as Cabinet Member for Finance in 2013 I presented the budget that delivered on the first year of that pledge, so that’s was 7 years of 0% County Council tax increases, if you take inflation at say 3% per annum means a real thats a 20% real terms cut of 20% over that 7 year period.  Sadly with rising costs, the laudable National Living Wage increases, cuts in government funding and our ever increasing Ageing Population we are having to increase the council tax but we will always respect its your hard earned money and keep increases to the absolutely minimum to protect frontline services for the most vulnerable people in Suffolk.  I debate and argue passionately to return to zero percent Council Tax increases by ever more efficient back office reorganisation.

The cuts in government funding are necessary as they continue try to sort out the mis-management of 13 years of the Labour party’s profligacy but of course that does not make them any easier to address, this coupled with an ageing population in Suffolk, presents us with a real challenge, a challenge I am up for!

I am pleased to work with a group of fellow Conservatives who are as determined as me to make sure that we serve the people who kindly voted for us.

We serve people by listening to their concerns and discussing what we think we should be doing to address the challenges we face together in our communities.

In the Spring of 2011 as we were discussing how we deliver a Library service with less money I called a public meeting in my home village and from that we have formed FOLK – Friends of Lakenheath Library and the committee of which I am proud to be a part, have now got a blog of their own so you can see the project work being undertaken, please have a look at www.Lakenheathlibraryfriends.wordpress.com and recently I was pleased to be involved in the funding of their loan-a-iPad scheme leading the way on this initiative for Suffolk.

I was until recently the President of the West Suffolk Conservative Association for three years but have stepped down as my term of office has expired, having previously been its Vice President for three years, its Chairman for four years and its Deputy Chairman Political for three years before that.

In July 2011 I had the honour of being elected Norfolk and Suffolk Conservatives – Area Chairman and since then have done onto now being the Deputy Chairman Political for the Eastern Region Conservatives, and I enjoy working with the Association Chairman across both counties as we seek the right people to be the next generation of Councillors and Officers to be ever more effective organisations at campaigning and getting our message out there. I also really enjoy working with MPs as we try to do our bit for our part of the world.

In 2011 I also I took on a political challenge to help Norwich North Conservative Association as their Acting Chairman and I enjoyed getting to know them as they promote Conservative politics in the wonderful city of Norwich and its surrounding communities.  I then stepped down from that role not before helping them forge a Federation with the neighbouring Norwich South Conservative Association to campaign across the city.

In 2016 I was promoted to be the Regional Conservative Peer and was previously accredited as a Local Government Association Member Peer which means I am now accredited to help other Council’s Councillors as they learn and develop.  In 2014 I have been a part of two different teams working with different councils looking at their Adult Safeguarding Arrangements.

In 2016 I was also appointed the as the County Council Network’s Spokesperson for Heath and Social Care after previously spending two years as a full member of the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board and I was a speaker on Adult Social Care at the 2013 Local Government Association Annual Conference and have represented the CCN and the LGA’s CWB at various speaking engagements at the two most recent Conservative Party Conferences. I n 2014 during my year away from the Cabinet of Suffolk County Council I was very actively working with the LGA on a number of projects and have been a part of a programmes working with ADASS and Public Health England helping officers understand working in a political environment.

Also as the Health and Wellbeing Boards were forming I was the LGA Health and Wellbeing Board Ambassador for the East Midland region.  In most of my roles its about how can the system of social Care in Local Government and the NHS work more effectively together to meet the saving targets set and to deliver a better service for the communities we serve.

And last but not least in 2009 when I was appointed to the role of SCC Portfolio Holder for Health and Adult Social Care and then later as Cabinet member for Finance, I started up East of England regional networks of portfolio holders for both discipline and today I chair the EELGA Improvement and Efficiency Panel and sit on the EELGA Management Board.

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