My Locality Budget allocations

I've met and been able to support some really great community projects

I’ve met and been able to support some really great community projects

One of the best things about being a County Councillor is having a budget to help shape our community and to support the great work volunteers do in our villages. It also it gives we an opportunity to meet and work with a wider variety of different community groups and the residents who give of their time to help our community.  With my budget I can provide financial support and occasionally, with my experience some advice.

The connections this builds is an important part of the work of a Councillor in our community, often it’s not so much the financial support, albeit always very welcomed, but knowing who and how to get things done.

Current commitments:

  • Lakenheath Parish Council – matched funding for Speed Indicator device – £1,890.00
  • Cavenham Parish Committee – Post for play equipment – £320.00

In the past I have been able to provide funding to the following groups:

  • Friends of Lakenheath Library – Let’s Read Campaign – purchase of IT equipment – £247.50
  • Lakenheath Community Speedwatch – Purchase of speedwatch equipment – £400.00
  • Lakenheath Silver Band – Community Event – £350.00
  • Brendan Fulham Centre – Assistance with disabled adaptations – £1,300.00
  • Lakenheath Sunshine Corner – Toy Bank – £300.00
  • West Row School PFA – Folding tables, cool boxes, etc for garden party event -£250.00
  • Bury St. Edmunds Scout District – Scoutfest 2016 – £2,000.00
  • West Row Primary School PFA – Static bus to be used as a library and learning resource by the school and community (Committed 2015-2016) – £5,000.00
  • West Row The Shed Wellbeing project – £350.00.00
  • Cancer Campaign in Suffolk – Sun Awareness Programme for Schools – £1,280.00
  • West Row Village Hall & Playing Fields Association – Renovation of the Tennis courts – £3,000.00
  • Lakenheath Angling Club – Otter-proof fencing around club waters – £1,000.00
  • Lakenheath Cricket Club – Contribution to new Roller – £1,500.00
  • Rural Coffee Caravan – Contribution to new Vehicle – £1,000.00
  • Beck Row Methodist Church contribution towards heating in the Church Hall – £500.00
  • West Row Village Hall and Playing Field Association a contribution towards the new kitchen equipment – £2,000.00
  • Beck Row Parish Council with a contribution towards outdoor exercise equipment – £2,000.00
  • Friends of Beck Row Primary School with a contribution towards outdoor playground equipment – £4,500.00
  • Newmarket Town Band contribution towards charity concert – £200.00


  • Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall – Support for community consultation event and enhancements to the building – £534.80
  • Christian Enterprise Foundation – Lakenheath Parish Notice Board – £472.25
  • Active Lives – Lakenheath Indoor Kurling Club – £684.00
  • Sunshine Corner – Enhancements to the community facility – £250.00
  • Lakenheath Monday Club – Assistance with running costs – £100.00
  • Tuddenham St. Mary Parish Council Contribution towards Speedwatch equipment – £1,000.00
  • Lakenheath Primary School PTA with a contribution to the great new outdoor class room – £2,000.00
  • West Row Village Hall and Playing Field Association a contribution towards the fencing around the new community playground – £2,000.00
  • The Friends of Tuddenham St. Mary’s Church helping them with repairs to the roof of the Church – £1,000.00
  • Lakenheath Parent & Toddler Group providing them with funding to buy play equipment – £1,000.00
  • Forest Heath Primary Schools Sports Association new goals for mini soccer league – £218.00
  • Friends of Lakenheath Library for their Community engagement programme – £305.00
  • Lakenheath Playing Fields Association Diamond Jubilee Gates – £7,500.00
  • Lakenheath Village Hall with major new stage platform and Curtains upgrade – £8,940.00
  • Lakenheath Youth Football Club with two new sets of mobile goalposts – £1,300.00
  • Higham Village Community with the costs of staging their Diamond Jubilee Celebration Street Party, even it is did rain! – £48.08
  • Anglia Region Pensioners Association to help towards the printing of the Suffolk Pensioners Association newsletters – £500.00
  • Lakenheath Carnival Club to cover the cost of Trophies, medals, flowers and the annual Christmas tree – £822.49
  • Friends of Lakenheath Library to fund the commissioning of the new community web site and photo achieve – £4,158.50
  • Lakenheath Royal British Legion to pay for the printing of the splendid new Remembrance Service booklet – £650.00
  • Friend of Lakenheath Primary School for new fencing around swimming pool – £960.00

Each year each County Councillor gets a new budget sum; so after the election, whoever wins will have a new budget so please do get in contact to see if your group could be eligible for a funding grant.

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