We Are Listening Campaign

In my inaugural speech at Suffolk County Council’s AGM on Thursday 21 May 2015, I pledged to visit the high streets and markets of towns across the county.  This forms part of my administration’s commitment to listening to the people of Suffolk.

This years round has started and dates can be found at: http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/WeAreListening

During the visits to date I have heard first-hand the issues and topics of interest for local council tax payers, their concerns, the things they value, how much they enjoy living in our great county and what they want the council to do better.

On these visits, fellow Councillors have joined me and officers of the council have stepped up, support me and engage with our residents and my thanks to them all for their commitment to this programme.

Over the past two years I have been out and about Ipswich, Giles Circus, Lowestoft outside and in the Brittan Centre, Bury St. Edmunds outside the Apex, Haverhill in the Market square and outside the Arts Centre, Felixstowe on the seafront and in the triangle (where the above pictures were taken), Stowmarket in the Market, Sudbury in the Market, Beccles in the Tesco Car Park, Newmarket in the Market Square and Woodbridge in the Hamblin Road Car Park.


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